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Our Repair techs have substantial levels of experience. We constantly have the parts you require readily available on every truck so we won’t have to bother you a second time to get your Garage Door running right. Garage Doors weigh hundreds of pounds. The complete weight of the Door is brought by the Garage Door hardware, such as the Springs, Cables, Rollers, Bearings, and so on. This hardware has a helpful life span of about 5-10 years prior to it deteriorates and overburdens the Garage Door Opener, ultimately causing it to break or stop working. The Opener is not created to do any heavy lifting, that is the job of the Door hardware. A simple test to see if your Garage Door hardware is doing its job is this: With the Door in the fully closed position take down on the red disconnect cord. Then try lifting the Door. If the Door is very heavy and drops of its own weight when you let go the Door Springs and hardware are used and are refraining from doing their job, putting excessive stress on the Opener. Serving Concord CA and surrounding areas.

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